I'm Gigi Bello

I was born to run. I love the feel of the wind through my hair, my heart racing and my skin glistening in the sun. Being a marathon runner makes me feel alive, and I’ve sought that rush ever since I was a little girl.

Argentina is my country, born and raised until I immigrated here to the states. My Italian and Argentinian heritage has blessed me with a very passionate nature. What I love most about Argentina is its beauty – beauty in its people and nature.

The country boasts some of the Andes’ highest peaks, home to mountains painted in rustic colors and deserts dotted with cacti. Argentina is full of passion, as the Tango is possibly its greatest contribution to the outside world, a steamy dance that’s been described as “making love in the vertical position.” I undoubtedly have that passion running through my veins.

I run along these trails, making it to the end of the road and stopping to feel myself flush, as the warmth would come all over me. It gives me a sense of strength and sensuality. I catch my breath to feel my heart beating fast, the rush overcoming me. This desire I have gives me the drive to chase my dreams. I studied finance at an Ivy League school and am passionate about making the world a better place.

I volunteer with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club because giving back is very important to me. I also adore animals and have a Pomeranian of my own. I like to live an active and healthy lifestyle, but I’ve been known to indulge in a steak every now and again.

I have no qualms about being naughty when the occasion arises. Whether it’s at the beach or in the mountains, I love to be outdoors and play. I am always up for a tennis match or would love to learn to surf one day. But more than anything, I am always willing to go the distance. Perhaps you can make my heart race too?